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Rewards and employee benefits brought to you by Virgin’s award-winning incentives and rewards team. People have come first for Virgin since day one. If you look after your staff and customers, they’ll look after your business, it’s that simple.

As the corporate face of Virgin Experience Days we know that experiences, not things, make people happy. We also know that happy people are more engaged at work. It’s not rocket science but you’d be amazed how many businesses get it wrong.

True to our Virgin roots we like to have fun, so challenge us with anything – a new employee engagement brief, surprise & delight or if you’re simply looking to refresh your reward scheme our expert, innovative team will create an irresistible way to bring amazing days, nights, events and more to your staff and customers so they’ll be more motivated and keen to stick around.

While the name is new, we’ve been around for over 20 years. It’s the same great experience we’ve always offered, with dedicated account managers, excellent reward programmes and experiences, without a single hidden fee in sight, but now we’re moving forward to open up the Virgin world to our business partners. Expect to see some new and exciting things on the horizon powered by Virgin, but for now the main thing to remember is that we’re Virgin Incentives, and we’re here for you.


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