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'We chose Leisure Vouchers because the it gives our employees a range of options to choose from. Ultimately though, we want to give them the choice to enjoy time out where and when they want, and Leisure Vouchers allow us to do that.'

'It’s a simple ordering process and Acorne Rewards take care of everything from administration to picking, packing and delivering every single award safely and on time.'


'We wanted to give a thoughtful gift, a special treat, simply to say thank you for putting your trust in us and continually choosing our service. They are busy people, so we agreed we wanted to give them something they could enjoy away from the commute, with friends or family. Virgin Trains travel to destinations up and down the country so the multiple redemption opportunities of the Afternoon Tea gift was perfect and redemption figures showed it was incredibly popular too.'

'It will definitely be on our Christmas list again!'

Virgin Trains

'We approached Virgin Incentives with the tightest of deadlines to organise dinner for 15,000 colleagues! Not only did they rise to the challenge, but pulled out all the stops to support our team with marketing and fulfilment support. I don’t think there’s another company in the UK that could have provided this service and they were great to work with too.'


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