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The Virgin Incentives Collection

We've talked about each of our separate brands several times across these news pages, but never all at once. Want to know more about what we offer? Here it all is in one handy article.

Virgin Incentives has all sorts of rewards solutions, all focussed around time away from the office and doing something different, something (ideally) new.

But what are all those rewards?

We have them all listed together here, on this very site, but the detail is relatively light on the ground as otherwise that page would be huge.

We've also gone into detail on each of them in this news section, so now we're going to bring all of them together to give you a nice, easy look at all of the options Virgin Incentives offers to reward your staff or customers with something extraordinary.

Just follow the links to find out more about any one of them that catches your eye. Or give us a call at 0844 272 0002 or email us at and we'll tell you all about the one that's right for you!

Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Balloon

We talk a lot about Virgin Experience Days at Virgin Incentives, from the newest experiences to the best days out for corporate rewards, all to showcase what we think are some of the greatest days out around. Drives, teas, spas, garden tours and family fun - there's loads on offer here.

We just can't stop shouting about them, from their variety to their simplicity, and if you're looking for an unforgettable, accessible reward, this is the place to go.

Virgin Experience Days Gift Card

Virgin Experience Days Gift Card impression

The Virgin Experience Days Gift Card can be redeemed against any Virgin Experience Day until the value of the card is used, so that's either multiple experiences, one fantastic experience, or money off an even more fantastic-er experience.

The flexibility is what sets these apart, and their convenience is unrivalled. Load them up with any denomination you like and get ready to see your staff or clients smile - another reward that we like to give out each year to our staff so they can choose their favourite day out.

Collections Vouchers

Indigo Collection

Collections vouchers allow you to give a gift that looks and feels like a Virgin Experience Day, without being one specific experience. Say you know an employee loves spas but you don't know which of the hundreds of spa days are best for that employee, give them a Spa Day collection and they can pick their own favourite.

The end result is that your employee goes on the spa day they want, without you having to have picked it out beforehand, and your employee is none the wiser about how much it might have cost. Perfect for corporate reward that have a high-perceived value without someone seeing that ever-divisive element of employee benefits: a '£' sign.

Leisure Vouchers (both Paper and Card)

Bowling, like you can do at Tenpin with Leisure Vouchers

Leisure Vouchers can be used just like cash at a range of different venues, from restaurants like Bella Italia and Pizza Express to shops (such as Halfords), spas, theme parks and more. The gift card is much the same, just with the convenience of fitting snugly in a wallet, though the two have some variations in where they're valid.

We like to use these at Virgin Incentives/Virgin Experience Days as birthday gifts, as they allow each of our 80+ staff to choose the gift that's right for them!

The Virgin Gift Card

A Virgin Atlantic Plane

The Virgin Gift Card starts like any other - it gets loaded up with money and handed over to the lucky recipient for them to spend as they choose. The difference comes from where it's valid: all across the world of Virgin, unlocking a range of fantastic products from Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Wines. We find most clients like to use it for those really high-end rewards: think Virgin Holidays filled with cocktails and high-end luxury!

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