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Prospects looking beyond salary – what else you need to offer

Joined us from Recruiter magazine? Great – feel free to keep reading below! Found us from some googling related to the above title? You might want to head here for the opening half of the article, or you can read on for a few free ideas on improving your employment package for potential new recruits!

So, what else can you do to create a complete benefits package for new (and existing!) employees?


Four people holding half-filled beer glasses

Though we might suggest springing for more than one beer bottle, unlike these guys

Not only does it help improve morale and team-building if it’s a group activity, but little extras in the work place – that aren’t work related – can go a surprisingly long way to entice a new hire (or convince them one of your opportunities is worth pursuing). Even something as simple as drinks after work on a Friday, which you’d be unlikely to put on paper on the benefits package, could get a prospect thinking ‘this is the place for me’.

Clubs based around extant benefits would also be a good way to increase pick-up on the schemes you’ve rolled out already for employees new and old. Have a Bike to Work scheme in place? Arrange a cycle club for those that want to get a bit active. Have a workplace gym or links to a nearby gym chain? Try and book free classes for members and newbies to try out!

Mental Wellbeing

A woman meditating on a deck somewhere sunny

Decking optional

Wellbeing, mindfulness, healthy balance – care for oneself is rising in popularity in the working world. Meditation sessions might be a bit much unless you’ve a few yogis amongst your staff already, but a little bit of ‘look after yourself’ can create a culture that any prospect would love to be a part of. You can also do it for free, as all you need is for your employees to think about themselves every now and then.

Check out Mental Health First Aid [MHFA] England’s free resources if you want to get started straightaway, or try pushing staff towards apps like Thrive and Headspace to get those positive vibes in their hands. It’s not a tangible benefit to draw new employees in, but should they speak to one of their potential future colleagues and they talk up the company’s positivity, you’re a step closer to convincing your newbie to join.

Discounted health

An exercise class involving...ribbons or rubber bands, we're not sure

"Imagine these ribbons are your sales goals. Now, streeeetch"

This one's free if you set your mind to it, as what it does is line you up to be an affinity marketer for a local healthiness provider. Get 20% off sign-ups at your local gym and you won't have to spend anything, as the gym makes money regardless...just 20% less than they would have done had those employees signed up at full price. Which they wouldn't have done, as they've had years to do so already. If your new hire's a fitness nut, likely as not they've already scoped out the local exercise haunts and will be one step closer to applying if they see their lifestyle could benefit from the job too. Expand your horizons out of the office to really make your hiring package shine!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it's given you a few useful tips towards enticing new members of staff to your company. You may well feel like your business is an awesome place to work, but sometimes you need to add a little oomph to convince prospective hires of the same. Want to develop your business's employee benefits even further? Contact us to find out more!

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