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Nando's, Recognising and Retaining Talent

After one year of service, Nando's likes to mark the occasion with a range of options to choose from. Where better to get a world of choice than through Leisure Vouchers and Virgin Incentives.

We talk a lot about long service awards here at Virgin Incentives, and we'll usually start at the magic number five - five years of service and you deserve something amazing to recognise your hard work.

However, that tends to leave out all those people who've just recently started at a company, those with 12 months under their belt who might be looking to see that their work at a new company is being noticed. As it turns out, there's a company out there trying to buck that trend.

National restaurant group Nando’s aim to ensure each and every customer visit is the best it can be, and they know their employees are key to making this happen. With a strong programme of staff rewards to recognise and retain talent, they can ensure everyone in their restaurants has a good time from start to finish.

  Nando's team having a laugh

Photo: Nandos

As part of their rewards programme, Nando's mark all employees first work anniversary with a gift of Leisure Vouchers. It's a mark of dedication to the long service reward and showing everyone at the company that their contributions are valued and that without them, the company wouldn't be the household name it is today.

As for why Nando's chose Leisure Vouchers as their reward brand of choice, their Reward Manager had this to say:

"We chose Leisure Vouchers because the it gives our Nandocas (aka Nando’s employees) a range of options to choose from. Ultimately though, we want to give them the choice to enjoy time out where and when they want, and Leisure Vouchers allow us to do that.

It’s a simple ordering process and Virgin Incentives take care of everything from administration to picking, packing and delivering every single award safely and on time."

If you're inspired to start rewarding your new employees' one year anniversaries, or just want to know more about long service awards, give us a call on 0844 272 0002 or email us at to find out all there is to know about staff rewards and incentives.

Since opening their first UK restaurant in 1992, Nando's has risen up to become one of the country's most well-known restaurant chains. In 2010 they won the Sunday Times' 'Best Place to Work' award, and they now employ over 8,000 staff across 300 UK locations. That's a lot of Leisure Vouchers!

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