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How to deliver simple employee benefits

Now you know how much it’s going to cost and what you’re giving your hard-working staff, but how are you going to give it to them?

We've talked about choosing your simple benefit, deciding what it's going to cost, but how are you going to make sure your employees receive it? We're not going to go into salary sacrifice, monitoring of performance and all the rest, as that's for more complex benefits (which we'll come to in later posts). Today, we're all about the straightforward-but-that-you-might-not-have-thought-of benefits delivery.

Man on a bike delivering...something

"Benefits delivery, coming through! Move your blurry vehicles out of the way!"

If it’s cash, you can add it to the given month’s payslip, but be warned that some members of staff might not look at their payslip as closely as you might think unless you’ve communicated with them beforehand about the upcoming benefit. An email or personal message will work best when communicating the benefit, but a poster can do the trick if you know there’s a point in the office that everyone will see – though this won’t reach anyone who’s offsite for any reason.

Man camping in middle of nowhere

"Man, this is great. I hope there's no benefits announcements that are only communicated by poster while I'm gone"

You can also give your benefits to each employee on their desk, assuming they have one of course! An envelope’s the best way to go (especially if it’s cash, as you don’t want notes or cheques just lying around), and some kind of accompanying letter or note will make sure the employee knows why they’re getting their benefit.

Letter with sprig of flowers

"Dearest Jimothy - your excellence has known no bounds for these past three and one-half months. To recognise such magnificence, please find enclosed..."

If you’ve got a small team, you can have a meeting together so everyone can share in the joy of receiving the benefit, and you can also get some immediate feedback as to whether they want what you’re giving them. If they don't... it's a bit late by this point, but at least you can take note of that for future review!

For the larger teams, or even separate offices, you’ll want to get a compatriot there who can hand out the benefits on your behalf, especially if they can acquire the cash/vouchers/cards themselves to save on delivery costs (rather than sending them all to one office and distributing from there).

Prefer to have your benefits delivered by a third party, possibly one with its own distribution department and options for fancy branded packaging? Reach out at or call us on 0330 111 3030 and we can talk about everything you need to get benefits to your employees!

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