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Exceptional and Accessible Christmas Gifting With The Virgin Experience Days Gift Card

There's a world of potential contained in a Virgin Experience Days Gift Card, which is why we think they make great Christmas gifts. You'd struggle to fit an afternoon tea or supercar in an envelope otherwise!

Christmas gifts can sometimes be something of a struggle, especially when the people you're buying for run the gamut from the Instagram-focussed young folks to gardening-loving old ones.

An old and young person in an office

"Do you know something, Jim? Outside of this office, you and I have nothing in common"

Back in 2013, nearly one in ten people in Britain returned their Christmas gifts, citing reasons like wanting a better fit or colour or trading in something they already had for something new. It's an awkward experience for everyone, and you can only really avoid it by getting the right present for absolutely everyone - which can be a nightmare.

Christmas Presents

Socks for Janet, a tea-towel for Alice - but what to get Dave in accounting?

But what if you could get a handful of the same gift, at the same price, that everyone will love because everyone can turn it into something that's right for them?

While you could hand everyone a small wadge of cash, it's not very memorable. While you could hand out personalised stationery, everyone's got pens!

Stationery in a drawer

Christmas 1994-2017

With a Virgin Experience Days Gift Card for each member of staff or client, you can give away the same amount of money for each person and have it turn into an afternoon tea, a cookery class, a Lamborghini (for 6 miles or so), a three-course meal or even something really out there.

Lamborghini on a dinnertable

Try not to mix them up though

These gift cards are valid against every Virgin Experience Day, so there's over 2000 opportunities for something extraordinary to come from just one brilliant card.

The beauty of it is the transformation happens in your giftee's hands - all you need to do is sit back and reap the goodwill a few months down the line when they come to redeem their cards (or in a few days for the eager ones).

Virgin Experience Days Gift Card

Cards just like this one

You can have your name associated with celebrity chefs like Marco Pierre White, Jamie Oliver, Raymond Blanc and more, or have people think of you along with with big inanimate-object names like The Ritz, The Shard or The Crystal Maze.

The London Eye

Or the Coca-Cola London Eye

Want to find out more? Give us a call at 0844 272 0002 or email us at and we'll be on hand to help you make this year one to remember for every single member of staff.

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