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Collections Vouchers - How do they work?

Lots of our corporate clients love Collections Vouchers, as they give the gift of choice and a nifty envelope to look like a thoughtful, meaningful gift. The question we get asked the most is there in the title, so here's the answer for anyone who might be curious...

A quick explainer of Collections Vouchers: they're Virgin Experience Days grouped by price (denoted by their colour) or themer (like spa, driving, luxury etc.), that allow the recipient to choose any experience from the given collection. If they've got a 'One Night Coastal Escape for Two' Collection, they can take their pick from one of 15 coastal break experiences. If they've got an 'Indigo' Collection, they can take their pick from nearly 200 experiences that cost around £75 - but more on that later.

The Indigo Collection

Why Collections?

Collections vouchers allow you to give a gift that looks and feels like a Virgin Experience Day, without being one specific experience. Say you know an employee loves spas but you don't know which of the hundreds of spa days are best for that employee, give them a Spa Day collection and they can pick their own favourite.

The end result is that your employee goes on the spa day they want, without you having to have picked it out beforehand, and your employee is none the wiser about how much it might have cost. Prices are hidden on collections vouchers when they're printed and given out, so while the industrious employee may take to the Virgin Experience Days site to weed out the price, we've found that their high-perceived value stops most recipients from feeling the need.

Indulgent Spa Day Collection

How Collections Vouchers work

Once you've purchased your chosen Collections Voucher, we can send it to you or the employee directly - most likely you'll want to receive it so you can experience the gratitude of giving it out yourself. What'll arrive is a Virgin Experience Days envelope, with a voucher inside that will need to be 'activated' by the employee so they can view their experience options. The expiry date counts down from the moment the voucher is sent - activating simply means unlocking instructions to redeem the voucher - but therein lies one of the collections vouchers' greatest benefits:

Collections Vouchers have an expiry of 9 months - we've found this is plenty of time to pick which experience the recipient wants to go on. But then, once that experience is chosen: the recipient gets their expiry reset to the length of the chosen experience! 9 months can become 12, 15 or even 18 months, plenty of time to find some dates and head out on a memorable day or evening out (depending on the collection/experience chosen).

The Ebony Collection

Booking the experience falls to the recipient, who'll either have been sent or emailed a voucher (again, price hidden) detailing the day and what's involved, which will again need to be 'activated' to receive booking instructions. From there, its a case of picking a day, booking away then enjoying an amazing day out. All thanks to you.

Want to know more about Collections Vouchers, Virgin Experience Days or any number of great ways to reward, recognise and treat your employees? Ask away at or call on 0330 111 3030.

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