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Awards Ceremonies And Raffles - Perfect For Motivation And Recognition

End-of-year ceremonies and raffles are all the rage at this time of year. Reward staff, recognise clients, and do it all with ease thanks to Virgin Incentives.

As the year starts to come to a close, it's time to recognise some of the hard work that your staff have been putting in, or shout out to those clients and suppliers without whom you'd struggle to succeed.

Awards ceremonies are one great way to get everyone together and publicly show that you've noticed the achievers in your organisation, those who shine a little brighter than the rest.

Stars The office stars, if you will

Not only do those guys get to go home and smile, but everyone who didn't win an award might be thinking about how they might be able to earn one of their own next year!

You can hold your ceremony internally, just looking at staff, or you can reach out further afield to give something back to those external parts of your business. But what to give all of these winners that they'll appreciate, that's perfect for each one, that also won't break the bank?

A piggy bank and a hammer "Wait, what?"

Step up Collections Vouchers, where several experiences are brought together for your lucky giftee to choose from, grouped by either price or theme so you don't need to know them really well to still give them something perfect.

The vouchers don't have a price on them, called instead things like the Scarlet, Spa Day or Gourmet collections, so they've got a high perceived value whichever Collection you choose to go for.

Collection of collections Like these guys

They're valid with locations across the nation, meaning wherever your award winner might live they'll be able to pick the experience that's right for them.

That's what makes them good for staff raffles too, so even if you've got staff or clients driving in from all over the country they'll be able to take home something unforgettable.

"What sort of unforgettable?" we imagine you asking for the purpose of this next segue. We're talking Ferrari drives, days of spa luxuriousness, chocolate making, wine tasting, three-course celebrity-chef-designed meals and more.

Raymond Blanc's face Like meals by this guy!

Whatever you can think of there's probably a collection for it - if there isn't just let us know!

Want to get in on some Collections action? Just give us a call at 0330 111 3030 or email us at and let us make your next raffle or awards ceremony even more memorable.

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