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A New Year and a New Batch of Long Service Awards

Every year hundreds of workers across the country will hit new long service milestones, showing unwavering loyalty to their companies and jobs whether it's been five years or 20. They deserve to be rewarded, and that's where we come in.

These days the average worker stays at their job for 4 and a half years, with a lot of young workers coming into the system expecting to stay in a job for three years or less.

Losing an employee early means months wasted on training and development, with them leaving for perceived greener pastures before your investment in them can pay off.

However, if you can offer your staff greater job fulfilment and reward their loyalty in your company, you can be rewarded in turn by employees who feel invested in their work and the company's as a whole.

The View From the Shard Just another awe-inspiring experience from Virgin Incentives

Sometimes workers might feel like there's no end in sight, that they're trucking away hitting targets and KPIs with only surface recognition for all of their hard work.

You can offer them flexibility and lend a meaningful ear whenever they have an idea or complaint, but that will only make up part of the picture when it comes to long-term job satisfaction.

If they're approaching that 4.4 year mark, they might start thinking about moving on elsewhere, but if they've got an amazing reward coming up in half a year's time, suddenly jumping ship doesn't look all that tempting.

Shark diving After all, there might be sharks out there

With our Virgin Experience Days you can show your loyal staff that you recognise and value their good service and hard work. We believe in what we offer too, as proven when we let our Senior IT Support jump out of a plane a few years ago - he said he loved it, and the fact he's still with us proves testament to the reward's value (and the safety of the skydive).

Whatever you think your staff would love, from skydives and spa days to three course dinners and supercar extravaganzas, we've got something to offer that they'll remember for a lifetime - and look forward to for ages.

Double Supercar Blast Just a couple of the supercars on offer

If you'd like to take a look at all of the amazing Virgin Experience Days we can offer as rewards , take a look at our site categories (like Driving, Dining, Spas, Days Out, Flying and more) and see what you think would be a perfect fit for your longest-serving staff.

If you would like some suggestions on how how we can assist your employees, or case studies from one of our hundreds of schemes, give us a call at 0330 111 3030 or email us at and we'll work with you to make the best Long Service Awards we can. After all, next year's never too far away!

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